A passionate freelancer in Nottingham creating beautifully modern, handcrafted websites.

My journey to becoming a web developer started at the age of 11, when I first bought this domain name (joedaniels.co.uk). I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and it wasn’t until I was 14 that I began learning how to properly create websites.

Now, at the age of 24, I’ve got around 8 solid years experience in web design & development, with 5 years from freelancing, along with a degree in Computer Science from Newcastle University.

Being in direct contact with my clients means I can provide websites at a similar quality to agencies, without the expensive fees.

My clients choose me for my reliability and broad skillset. With a background in programming and design, I can produce the highest quality of websites.

I’m currently available for new freelance projects

HTML CSS Javascript Ruby on Rails React PHP WordPress SEO
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Web Design

Stand out from the competition with a beautifully clean and responsive website that follows modern web standards. Give your visitors a breath of fresh air when browsing your website.

Web Development

Issues with your website? Need someone to look at all that ugly code for you? If your website is having problems, whatever it may be, I can most likely help. Along with bug fixing, I build web apps and I’m comfortable in both the front-end and back-end.


My clients come to me for custom WordPress themes and plugins built from scratch to meet their specifications. WordPress is a powerful CMS that can be used to build almost any type of website.


Take your business to the next level by selling online with a powerful, modern Ecommerce store. I build bespoke online stores with the aim of maximising revenue and turning visitors into buyers. Fully customisable for almost any service or product.

SEO & Marketing

Proven effectiveness in ranking websites for competitive keywords through white-hat SEO techniques. Experienced in maximising ROI from PPC campaigns through proper keyword research, A/B testing, and optimising landing pages for maximum conversion rates.

JavaScript & jQuery

Improve the user experience of your website through added interactivity and animations. JavaScript and jQuery can be used to add further functionality to any website and improve the experience to visitors. I am proficient in both Javascript and jQuery.

Questions? Take a look at some frequently asked questions or contact me.