How much does a website cost in 2019?

July 7, 2019

Although the cost of a website greatly depends on requirements, most will fall into a certain price range. In this post I’ll be talking about how much a website can cost in 2019.

More requirements, higher cost

The cost of a website can be boiled down to the number of requirements it has.

A simple site is cheaper because it has fewer requirements, meaning fewer components and things that need building.

An ecommerce site will be more expensive because it will have a much greater list of requirements.

Requirement complexity

If there’s a need for advanced functionality, such as is commonly seen in ecommerce stores, then more time is needed and a higher skill level to build the functionality. This results in a much higher cost.

If it’s a simple static site, with a couple of pages that are minimally designed, then the resulting cost will be obviously be much lower

The greater the number of pages, elements, components, or put simply…things that are needed, the higher the cost will be.

A simple site will need fewer of these things. Less design, less coding. Cheaper.

A more complex site will need a greater amount of these things, and each one may need a much more unique and advanced design. This all quickly adds up to a larger total cost.

How much does it cost

When using a freelance web developer / designer, such as myself, you can expect to pay anything in the range of £500–£10,000. When using an agency these costs can be double or even triple the cost, simply due to the higher number of people involved in the process.

This range is so vast because it really does depend on what exactly is required for the project.

Some freelancers may not even accept projects that charge as little as £500.

The type of site you could expect for this low price of £500 would be a single page website. Opening hours, address, contact information, a few images, etc.

For your standard small business website, with pages such as about, services, faq, contact etc. you’ll be looking at something in the range of £1,250–£3,000. Again, depending on how complex and well designed it needs to be.

When an ecommerce store is needed the cost is doubled, at a minimum of £4,000. This is before factoring in any further customisations and custom functionality. However, for an extremely basic ecommerce store the cost could be lower than this. It really does depend on so many factors!

The average amount I charge my clients is £2,500.

Make the website yourself?

There’s always the option of simply making your own website. Nowadays there are plenty of website builders out there. Squarespace is popular, and I actually recommend it.

However, just like with any new skill, there is a learning curve. These website builders definitely speed up the process of building a website, but it’s still not easy.

You’ll have to put in the time and resources required to build something that’s actually good. It not only needs to look pretty, but convert your visitors into leads. If it doesn’t help your business grow then it’s all been one big waste of time.

And it’s still not going to be free. Website builders are usually priced at a monthly fee. Which are far cheaper than custom built sites, however the responsibility is all on you. You’ll need to learn exactly what it takes to build a highly converting, user-friendly website.

If your requirements are that small where you need to simply list some opening hours, display some images, and have a contact form, then I actually do recommend trying to build it yourself.

You’ll save a huge sum of money that could be put towards other areas of your business.

However, if there’s a need to display more complex information, or requirements for certain functionality that exceeds the capabilities of your website builder, then you’ll need to hire a freelancer.

I’m available for new projects, so get in touch!