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Kaampus is an app that connects university societies with businesses across the UK to get them the sponsorship and funding they need.

I co-founded this start-up in December 2017, with my role in the company being design and front-end web development. My responsibilities include designing all the front-end stuff that you actually see, and then developing it into the Ruby on Rails application. I’m also responsible for the SEO, branding, and social media management.

The work I do at Kaampus is a little different than the usual client work I do. I mainly work on WordPress sites for small-businesses in a variety of industries, but Kaampus is a technology start-up so it makes a refreshing change that keeps my skills up to date.

Check out some of the companies we’ve worked with so far:

Feel free to visit the site to see the work I’ve done. I’ve also included a few screenshots on this page as well of various different pages and components I’ve created.

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Kaampus Web Design Screenshot